We deliver ICT in a way that unlocks possibilities for our customers within their global organisations making their visions reality. We have many blue chip clients, that have trusted Pinacl-GDA with their technology needs over many years. We know that in the world of technology there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach so take the time to understand your business aspirations then work in partnership with you to craft an innovative solution that meets and exceeds your requirements.

We focus our offering into six core areas which can be seen below:

Strategic Projects

Delivering the resilient backbone of your network

In today's fast paced environment, it is essential that all IT projects are completed on time and match business needs. Pinacl-GDA ...

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Managed Services

Enabling you to focus on your business

Within Pinacl-GDA we are able to offer managed services through ‘business as usual’ deliverables. This can form part onsite teams where ...

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Professional Services

Creating and delivering innovative solutions

Within Pinacl GDA, we have a very simple approach to consultancy - we listen first listen to your business needs and ...

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The hassle-free way to maximise team efficiency

There is increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies when delivering technical projects. This means that there is a ...

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Choosing the right software for your organisation

All organisations require software to run their businesses more efficiently but selecting the right one can be a daunting task. Pinacl-GDA ...

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