Managed on-premise

The concept of onsite managed services is built “on the premise” of bringing Pinacl-GDA expertise straight to our customers.

Managed Services nowadays are very different from the way we used to run traditional IT desktop or server management system. They are so advanced and complicated, that it is becoming difficult to cope with the new challenges the Cloud brings; with more services, DevOps processes and other new technologies.

The Benefits of an Onsite Pinacl-GDA Managed Service

  • Full time support – for organizations that don’t have enough resource to provide 27/7 support for their IT systems.
  • Cost reduction – using a managed service, clients can leverage the scale and expertise of Pinacl-GDA to reduce costs over time.
  • Access to expertise – Pinacl-GDA’s Managed Service can provide access to highly trained engineers and consultants with expertise in a range of technologies.

Why choose a Pinacl-GDA Managed Service?

Within Pinacl-GDA we are able to take our horizontal and vertical focus further in their lifecycle by offering managed services through ‘business as usual’ deliverables. This can form part onsite teams where we deliver IT services on the customer’s behalf, remote support solutions or a hybrid of both approaches. In addition to this strategy quadrant, PINACL-GDA delivers IMAC’s as a Managed Services to our customers. In this we support Incidents, Moves and Changes across the campus and data centre environments supporting structured cabling infrastructure.

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