Benefits of Resource Augmentation

The new way of increasing your efficiencies without any long term commitment

Outsourcing is nothing new for the business world. For the last 30 years, companies that favour professional services for a reasonable price have been embracing this delivery model.

Benefits of Resource Augmentation

Companies often find it easier and more effective to align individual resources to their organisational values and business processes as oppose to synergising with those of sub-contractors.

  • Take control – Flex your workforce up/down in line with your specific requirements, particularly to gain specific skillsets
  • Maximise your current resource – By adding new people/skills to your team you can drive efficiency and ensure that tasks are completed effectively
  • Reduce Overheads - By flexing your team in line with demand you can reduce your staffing overheads meaning your fixed costs reduce
  • React Quickly – If a project is falling behind you can use resource augmentation to fill in the gaps and get tasks back on track
  • Save on Training Costs – By bringing in the additional skills that you require, you can save on the cost of training existing resource, which is often a costly exercise.

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