Celsius Core

Celsius™is the ideal tool to centrally manage, monitor and troubleshoot clients’ ICT infrastructure related issues.

Celsius™ is ideally positioned as the central infrastructure management application, providing access to information held on the installed network infrastructure (active and passive) via the Celsius™ MSQL database and/or AutoCAD drawings if available.

Benefits of Celsius Core?

From the experience gained delivering infrastructure management services using Celsius™ we have realized the following benefits:

  • Network infrastructure related problem and incident management times reduced by up to 50%
  • More efficient usage of network infrastructure and the reclamation of spare port capacity enabling a reduction in new infrastructure related purchases of up to 30%
  • Return on investment within one year and delivery of a reduction in the total network infrastructure lifecycle costs by up to 45%
  • The time taken to plan and implement a move can be reduced from an average of 9.5 to 3 hours.

Why Celsius Core?

The ongoing development of Celsius™ forms a key part of Pinacl-GDA’s strategy moving forward. Current developments include the integration with 3rd party applications to join the physical and logical networks together to create a more complete operationally beneficial picture of the network infrastructure to the client. This has involved integrating Celsius™ with Cisco Works, Visio and Mitel Enterprise Manager to incorporate information into an end to end report detailing IP, MAC address and telephone handset extension numbers for individuals and/or desk locations.

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