Celsius Web

Gain an insight into your Celsius Database wherever you are.

What is Celsius Web?

At its core the Web module was built around the expertise we have in documenting network infrastructure and what we’ve learned from working with our Celsius customers. One of the things we’ve learnt is that Celsius is a complex tool to use and it isn’t always easy to get at the information within it. Because of this we set out to create a new product to address this, that product was Celsius Web.

The main goal for the development of the Web module was to provide 24/7 access to the information stored within the Celsius database. This made that information open and usable to read only Celsius users such as Helpdesk staff, Network engineers, designers and project managers, enabling more and more to utilise the information stored within Celsius Core.

Benefits of Celsius Web

  • Implementation of an open, flexible and scalable platform with the ability to integrate with a range of existing business systems providing a consolidated view of your business,
  • Easy to use system, removing the complexity and expanding the accessibility of practical business data which can be tailored for all levels within a business, enabling users to readily search, filter, analyse and report on relevant business data,
  • Deliver a more accurate and useful picture of the business by linking data/information from several data sources,
  • Save time and money with the ability to widen access to business information, presenting users with information and applications specific to their need.

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