Structured Cabling

The Resilient backbone of your network

Structured Cabling is the standardised architecture and components for communications networks. Utilising copper and fibre infrastructure cabling to carry all IT traffic between the active network devices such as Laptops, IP Phones, Wireless Access Points etc.

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Wireless has become the de-facto connection method for the enterprise device.

The evolution in wireless standards and equipment coupled with the explosion in wireless-enabled devices, is fuelling the demand for access to applications and data from anywhere at any time. This ubiquitous access has delivered many benefits for organisations from increased revenue, through productivity improvements, to cost savings.

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The Common Network System

Helping you put the intelligence into your buildings

Whether a new development or an existing building, intelligent building solutions encompass an enormous variety of technologies, across commercial, industrial, institutional and domestic buildings

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Internet of Things

Gain greater insight with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) will mean different things to different people. Our interpretation at Pinacl-GDA is that the Internet of Things consists of connecting everyday objects – physical devices, vehicles, buildings, wearable technology etc. with embedded electronics, software, sensors allowing them to send and receive data. Assembling all this data allows for intelligent decisions to be made either by humans or by machines against pre-set rules.

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