Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) will mean different things to different people. Our interpretation at Pinacl-GDA is that the Internet of Things consists of connecting everyday objects – physical devices, vehicles, buildings, wearable technology etc. with embedded electronics, software, sensors allowing them to send and receive data. Assembling all this data allows for intelligent decisions to be made either by humans or by machines against pre-set rules.

Smart City

Smart Cities enable new services to be developed and existing services improved for citizens, local businesses and anyone associated with the City; whether it be through services such as free WiFi, smart lighting, smart parking or access to cost effective high speed communication services.

A successful Smart City will deliver significant improvements and opportunities for the local economy, becoming a place where people want to live, to work and to play.

Intelligent Buildings

Existing buildings are often facing a financial dilemma with the need or desire to improve customer experience, lower operational costs and become more sustainable – without incurring substantial investment costs. One approach to help achieve this is to leverage existing “data”, where you can analyse and act on previously untapped data through intelligent analytics.

Smart Agriculture

Today, the innovations on our immediate horizon include autonomous pickers - UK Researchers have already created one that gathers twice as fast as humans, the challenge will be creating robotic pickers that can switch between all kinds of crops; Robots or drones that can precisely remove weeds or shoot them with a targeted spritz of pesticide, using 90% less chemicals than a conventional blanket sprayer. Tiny sensors and cameras will monitor crop growth and alert farmers on their smartphones if there’s a problem, or when it’s the best time to harvest.

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