Pinacl-GDA has received its ISO 9001 Quality Management System Accreditation

Pinacl-GDA is pleased to announce that it has passed the BSI verification audit for its 9001 Quality Management System Standard.

Following the Pinacl Holdings group de-merge in Spring 2018, which saw the separation of Pinacl Solutions and Pinacl-GDA, Pinacl-GDA will be separately audited and accredited for the 9001:2015 Quality Standard.

ISO 9001 is the ultimate benchmark for quality management and acts as a critical tool to ensure consistent quality for all our customers.

This internationally recognised accreditation ensures Pinacl-GDA meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers on a consistent basis.

Pinacl-GDA has a refined Quality Management System (QMS) which enables full documentation of its quality business practices, satisfying the requirements and expectations of its customers resulting in improved overall Quality Management within the company. Pinacl-GDA has adopted a step-by-step sequence of actions that documents day to day operating and procedures, to which we work in accordance to ensure each process is done correctly.

At Pinacl-GDA, we realise that a successful business can only be achieved through providing the highest level of quality to our valued customers.

Pinacl-GDA takes quality seriously and recognises that quality management plays a key role in providing high calibre products and services to its customers. Pinacl-GDA is committed to customer satisfaction and aims to exceed its customers’ expectations.
Kelly Holding, Compliance Auditor


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